Access Control – Stand-alone 

James Bull offers a range of stand-alone access control systems including swipe cards, pin codes, Fobs and proximity readers. 



  • Office Blocks                           
  • Universities & Schools
  • Business
  • Banks & Insurance companies
  • Public Buildings


Kaba elolegic c-lever

This electronic door furniture is lock and cylinder independent. It makes any door a standalone access control system which is easy to program and operate. The electronics are integrated into the door furniture and recognize Kaba keys and cards without contact. If a valid key or card is read by the electronics, a motor engages the outside handle coupling and the door can be open.


Features & Benefits

  • Stand-alone (battery operated) No wiring required
  • Key override
  • Simple and fast installation
  • Easy to program and operate
  • Comprehensive programming of time windows, blocks, working days or holidays
  • Transaction memory for the last 1000 movements
  • Used in conjunction with standard commercial MS mortice locks. 
  • Illuminating ring with visual signal. Green – access granted. Red – access denied.


Programming Media

Kaba elolegic programming keys and cards are superior media that do not open doors, but are used for programming. This allows a new Kaba key or badge to be programmed into existing system immediately and without any additional programming accessories. 


Programming Device

For more complex systems, the Kaba programmer is a programming device which widens possibilities. It is an interface between Kaba manager software and elolegic readers.


Schlage Computer Managed (CM) Locking System

Schlage CM locks are computer managed stand-alone locking system that is designed for flexible access control. These locks are user friendly and are available with a variety of credential reader types – magnetic stripe card, HID proximity, iButton and PIN codes, which allows users to select the credential type that is most suitable for them. 

CM locks will also work with existing magnetic stripe cards and HID proximity credentials already in place.


Features & Benefits

  • Stand-alone (battery operated) No wiring required
  • Key override
  • Works with variety of access credentials
  • Can maintain up to 1000 users per lock
  • Stores the last 1000 events at each lock
  • Easy to install
  • Electronics stored on secure side of door
  • Programming of time zones – limit the hours and days a user can access door.


Programming Device 

Programming is done conveniently with a laptop computer or specified handheld PDA programming device.

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