All Safes Are Not Equal!

Deciding on the right safe for a home or business can be a very complicated decision. There are many different types of safe available. Getting the right safe for the right application is very important as not all safes will protect everything.

First questions to ask?

What am I trying to Protect?
Money, Jewellery, Documents and papers, Photos, of grandmother vase

What am I trying to protect against?

Burglary, theft and fire

It is difficult and expensive to get a safe that will protect against both burglary and fire. Nearly all safes are designed to protect against either burglary or fire – not both.

Burglary Protection Safes

Safes designed to protect against burglary are predominantly used to store money and valuables. The value of goods to be protected determines the quality of safe required. All burglary safes have a cash risk rating – eg – a safe with a cash rating of $10,000 is designed to safely protect this value of money/valuables. You would not put $20,000 in this safe! It is very important to choose a safe with the right rating. As this type of safe is predominantly made of metal they offer very little fire protection.

Fire Protection Safes

These safes are designed for the protection of documents and papers against fire. As the fire resisting material is soft there is no protection against burglary.

Data/Media Safes

These safes are used exclusively to protect photos, stamps, film, memory cards, CD’s, DVD’s etc., or any item that is heat and humidity sensitive. A standard fire protection safe will not provide protection for these products. We sell and stock a large number of both new and second hand safes. To get the right advice and safe contact us.

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