Building a house for clients?

Tell them to come and see us. We'll get them sorted when it comes to looking at options for handles and hardware, while you get on with the build!


While you’re building we can help the client choose the right locks, handles, and hardware. We stock and sell a large range of door handles to suit any style or budget. From the plans we can provide a complete door by door hardware schedule with the right product on each door. 


Being independent from any manufacturer and supplier means we can provide the most appropriate products to suit any design and budget. We have expertise in the following areas-


  • door handles/furniture
  • door locks
  • door track systems
  • general hardware such as door stops, flush pulls, etc
  • hinges
  • kitchen/bathroom cupboard handles
  • safes 
  • swimming pool gate locks



All hardware is delivered onsite individually packaged on a door by door basis ready for installation.  

So instead of sorting out all hardware issues, let us do it for you.

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