Building a House?

Grab your plans and come and talk to us. As well as supplying the latest styles of door handles we can secure your house too.

We stock and sell a large range of door handles to suit any style or budget. From your plans we can provide a complete door by door hardware schedule with the right product on each door. We can help you choose the best hardware solutions for your new home.

Securing your home is an important part of the building process. Security does not need to be "ugly" but does need to be functional and easy to use. Having one key that fits every door and window lock gives a lot of convenience or click here to see the latest in home security.

Having deadlocks on exterior doors is good for security but can be deadly in the case of a fire. Choosing a deadbolt with a "safety mode" reduces the possibility of being locked inside in the case of fire or other emergence.

Make sure your kitchen and bathroom handles match the style of the rest of your house. We stock and sell a large range of kitchen handles.

We have expertise in the supply and installation of the following products:


  • door handles/furniture
  • door locks
  • door track systems
  • general hardware such as door stops, flush pulls, etc
  • hinges
  • kitchen/bathroom cupboard handles
  • safes 
  • swimming pool gate locks


Contact us

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