Papanui High School Digital Lock solution

After the devastating Christchurch earthquake of 22nd February 2011, a number of schools were no longer able to operate from their existing sites. Shirley Boys High School was in this position. 

The decision was made to relocate and share facilities with Papanui High School. As well as the issues associated with the earthquake there were a number of logistical problems to tackle when over 1350 students and 100 teaching/support staff from Shirley Boys are going to share with Papanui’s 1600 students and 175 staff. Among those issues….access control and security!

Papanui High’s master key system was pretty standard for a number of large schools and commercial properties-

Non restricted key profile. Keys could be cut at any key cutter

Nobody knew who had keys

What doors did keys open?

Lock cylinders were worn – the wrong keys might fit

No electronic access control – it is expensive to control approx 40 exterior doors    

Just cutting extra keys for the Shirley Boys staff was not going to work.

What was Required?

Restricted key profile. Extra keys can only be cut by authorised people so the School would know at all times how many keys are in existence

Large master keying capability  

Ability to time zone exterior doors so they automatically unlock at a specific time each morning and lock automatically at night

Audit trail capability to know who opened an exterior door and at what time

Ability to quickly and easily remove an access control swipe card/fob from the system if one is lost or stolen

Computer software to manage users, swipe cards/fobs, and keys

The supply and installation of locks & access control products to 40 exterior and 80 interior doors – done as soon as possible

The Solution

Kaba elolegic c-lever electronic door furniture in conjunction with a Kaba experT master key system.

The outside handle of a Kaba c-lever contains a RFID compatible reader that can be used with most existing commercial grade locks. By replacing the existing door handles with Kaba c-levers Papanui High immediately had a stand alone access control system with all the benefits of a hard wired system. They also installed a Kaba experT master key system. The head of the keys contain a computer chip so they act as a swipe card/fob as well as a mechanical key. The best of both worlds!

The benefits of the system used

Easy upgrade of existing mechanical locks

No hard wiring

Easy to program

Flexible time zone programming for permanent and/or temporary access

Up to 2400 users

Audit trail for up to last 1000 door openings

Easy installation


Initially the project was for 120 doors. It has proved to be successful and now expanded for another 180 doors that need to be part of the master key system without the extra requirements of access control. Easy with a Kaba experT key! The key acts as a swipe/fob on the access controlled doors and a mechanical key on all the other doors.

Papanui High now have a fully featured access control system at one third of the cost of a hard wired system.


Contact us for more details or for specifications and how you could benefit from James Bull implementing state of the art solutions that save time and money



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