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A perfect solution for schools

With the recent terrorist threat and 'lockdown' experiences, discover an easier, cost effective solution to protecting students and staff.

Experience the added benefit of reducing keys, and being able to customise access for staff easily.

One Click Lockdown

No need to manage keys and doors individually

SmartAir® enables you to activate lockdown of all doors from your PC.

Custom staff access

With simple interface, personalise staff access rights and restrictions

SmartAir® can manage access for individuals and every access point on your site including lifts.

After hours entry

Allow cleaners and others specific access, all without losing and sharing keys

SmartAir® works when you don't to ensure others can access your site when required.

A powerful, cost effective solution

Discover the benefits now and in the future, by considering the immense capability of a wireless, keyless system.

No more losing keys and the costs of recutting and changing locks

Keyless options utilise cards for access that can be managed by admin as required thru wireless hub


No more need for wires means easy installation

WIreless solutions can be easily retro fitted to existing doors without the need to install and wire


Access can be customised to match individuals

Utilising the simple computer interface, user privileges can be personalised to suit


No limitations with hardware functionality

SmartAir can be upgraded wirelessly ensuring you enjoy the latest benefits of the technology as it develops

Manage costs now
Save long term!

By considering the critical access points for SmartAir® now, we can help you secure your school easily from external threats.
With ‘one click’ from the office PC, that external threat can be managed and your people safe, and avoid staff locking doors manually.

Long term planning and benefits
SmartAir has the added benefits of managing staff access personally, and customised to areas as required all from your PC

Immediately eliminate the ongoing costs of lost keys and key cutting, while easily dealing with staff changes.

Secondary internal doors can be upgraded as required to enjoy similar benefits and capability, when budgets and planning allows.

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Another great solution for schools

Manage the PE shed with simplicity, ensuring gear is safe, yet accessible when required. No more need for keys, by using the simple code or the smartphone app, that enables access while also providing an audit trail of users.

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