Papanui High overcomes Digital Lock solution

After the earthquake of 22nd Feb, a number of schools had to share their facilities.
This required in a matter of weeks a solution that would accommodate 1350 students and 100 teaching/support staff from Shirley Boys sharing with Papanui's 1600 students and 175 staff and keeping on top of security and access... James Bull Locksmiths had the solution... read story here


Ronald McDonald House gets fitted out

When RMHSI needed to add 9 family rooms and an art therapy room to their existing Cashel St facilities James Bull & Co wanted to play their part. In conjunction with Ingseroll Rand Security Technologies, James Bull donated all the hardware required... read about the solution here


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James Bull and Co has always been a family affair.

It was founded in April 1940 by James Bull, who was joined in December of the same year by his brother, Bob, who was the managing director until 1996. A third brother, George, worked for the firm until his death in the late 1960's.

World War Two helped shape and determine the direction the company was to follow. Import restrictions in force during the war years gave rise to demand for a range of locally made goods. This led to the development of engineering jobbing work as a key part of the company's business.
As times changed locksmithing increasingly became the main focus of the business.


1986 saw expansion into the supply of architectural hardware for both commercial buildings and domestic housing. This has grown to be a major part of the business. 1991 saw the opening of a Wellington business specializing in the supply of hardware to joiners, construction companies & builders. There is also an outlet inside the Carters Christchurch branch.


While Chris & Garry Bull - Bob's sons - are active in the business on a daily basis, they are only part of a large team of experienced and knowledgeable locksmiths, lock fitters and hardware supply specialists.

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