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Keys for living, managing and reducing stress

We can provide the full range of options to you, including the most up to date keyless solutions if you are ready for that! Key cutting is our expertise, for your home, car, or boat!
Finding you the best solution is our focus, and we support and guarantee everything we sell.

Check out our core services, how we can help you get what you need, and understand the benefits for you!
Key cutting

Whatever the shape of your key we can cut a new one for you

James Bull have an extensive range of base key blanks and accessories

Restricted Keys

These require authorised access to cut to prevent illegal access

James Bull are authorised agents for a number of businesses and can arrange cutting and advice

Master Keys

These enable specific access to an area, or areas

James Bull are able to develop a master key system to manage areas of access in your business or home

Master Key Systems
Car keys

Needing a car key cut, or remote? Locked your key in the car?

James Bull can supply car remotes and keys for almost all models of vehicle

Looking for keys for roof boxes, racks and bike

James Bull are authorised to provide keys for your Thule and other roofbox suppliers and can ensure you can get back to your action sports immediately.

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Keys to reducing stress

Lost keys. Here is where you write a bit about the issues of keys and see what it looks like

While technology is ramping up and changes are big, don't tell me keys are dead!

Never before have the developments in technology been so rapid. While we live with that, as our phones control our heat pumps, and can respond to our commands, its hardly surprising that our phone will open doors! There are doors to the big unknown, but the vast number of them in our world have a…

Here's our solution to finding your keys!

We all misplace our keys, and know how stressed we get when they are not where we thought they should be! Whoever is closest bears the brunt of it and it’s not pretty. Sound familiar? One solution is to jump into the rapidly expanding world of keyless and we have options for that, but that…

Some of the latest key solutions

If you're ready for less stress. more control and greater sense of security

Yale Assure Lock

Bluetooth access on your smart phone

The revolutionary way to manage access for your whole family or workforce. No keys to lose, and great for tracking who is coming in and out. Let someone in forever, or for just 5 minutes!

Master Lock Wall Mount Key Safe

Manage up to 48 keys with ease

The Master Lock Key Management Safe is a great option to consider if you are still managing a range of shared keys, or master keys

Manage your AirBnB from your smartphone

Why work with us?

James Bull Access and Security can provide you the peace of mind you deserve

We can access all the main suppliers and our team is trained and ready

With access to most products and backed by a massive trained team of pros we are able to bring you the right solution. Big, small or in between we value working with you!


For 50+ years James Bull have been at the leading edge of security and access solutions.

Based in Christchurch, we have provided products and services across the country. No one survives that long without doing a hell of a lot right!


James Bull have a reputation for providing effective solutions.

Finding the best option for your needs is our priority and what will give you the ultimate benefits!


James Bull provide excellent value for money, and can save you time and stress!

We love to provide the best value solution for you which may not be the cheapest, but it will be one we guarantee and support.

Still got lots of keys to manage

Keys are not going to disappear overnight, in fact they will be around for a while. We have a range of key safes and management systems that can safely look after them all.

For great advice and exceptional service

Call in or call us up, we can advise and assist you with any key or lock issue you may have!

Workshop Manager

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Glenn is our resident expert when it comes to keys and locks, and is a wizard on car remotes, transponders and remotes for your garage!

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