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Access Control

If you are managing a number of doors or access points and staff needing to get in and out, consider an access control system.
Increase your security, personalise access, reduce your costs and manage it all with ease!

Personalise Access

Access Control enables you to customise access for individual users

PIN codes, and proximity tokens are allocated to staff, and access areas and times can all be managed remotely, and managed in real time as necessary.

Manage remotely

Have greater control over access priveleges from where you are

Access Control frees you up from having to be on site, or location to manage access, giving you more time for other tasks. Allows you to respond to access issues faster!

Increase Security

Access Control enables management of greater levels of security

With Access Control systems doors can lock automatically, doors left open can be identified and all up you're safer. Knowing this in real time is a bonus!

Save time and money

Access Control can significantly reduce the cost of managing access and security

With no key cutting costs, or rekeying locks when keys are lost, you are already in the black. Add the ability to turn access on and off from where you are, and know who is in and out of your space, and you'll save stress as well!

Access Control Options

Find out for yourself some key considerations and tips when looking to manage your building with an access control system
Electric Mortice Lock

Versatile effective lock for commercial solutions and high security applications.

The lock can be operated by a range of controls or integrated with electronic access control systems for use with higher security devices such as keypads or card readers.

Electric Dropbolts

Designed to assist the correct positioning of the lock and strike every time.

Designed to be mounted horizontally or vertically these will work on most door types including double swing doors

Electromagnetic Locks

A strong locking system based on electro magnetic plate and aperture, with no moving parts.

The locking action is based around the electromagnetic field drawing and holding the plate and aperture surfaces together

Solutions Showcase

Examples of some Access Control projects

St Georges Hospital
St Georges Hospital
The Challenge
James Bull were engaged early on, in this 3 stage process, by Trengrove Architects, and St Georges to provide a full access and security schedule, for supply, and installation of hardware. Since early 2000's, St Georges has valued the expertise and problem solving that Craydon and his team bring to the...

Hotel Montreal
87 units
12 weeks
Hotel Montreal
The Challenge
Converting an existing apartment building into a boutique hotel. After the Christchurch earthquakes a number of buildings have been renovated, or refurbished and this was one of a high profile sites where it required significant design to change its use. James Bull Access and Security were invited by ...

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