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Never before have you had the option for so many smart, good looking solutions for securing your home.
Keyless solutions, and good looking hardware ranges result in plenty of choice!

Designed with you in mind

Have you considered some of these solutions your project. While we can access any products for you this site showcases products and solutions that are reliable, supported and made to give you the security that you are looking for!

Need to manage the kids?

Are you needing better way to know who is actually coming and going from home

These revolutionary locks are ideal for your family. Simply manage entry with code, via bluetooth from your phone. Can be fitted to most doors easily.

Worried about precious rings, & things?

Protect your most valuable items for travel by securing them in a safe

CMI safes are the ideal solution for ensuring your passports, and jewellery are always where you want them to be. Safe, Secure and Accessible!

Discover ways to reduce stress today!

Manage people in and out of your home with Yale... easily!

Yale Assure Digital Locks take away for the need for keys, while giving you flexibility to allow access in and out of home all from your smartphone. Provides real time access and information about access, and those using the door, while completely doing away with the need for keys!

Keep your children safe from the pool today

Keen to see who is at the door?

Knock, knock... I see you!

Get to see who comes to your door from inside, or out and about on your phone. This smart product can be retro fitted to your door and gives you peace of mind knowing who is coming and going. You can even have a conversation with someone at the door and of course it gives you a complete record of the movements throughout a day!

Tired of losing the keys?

When the padlock key is lost for the 5th time... consider a Bluetooth option

Manage your access to the padlock with an app on your smartphone

Offering you specialised service and support

James Bull have staff dedicated to providing the support you need especially if you are working on specific projects.
Whether you are an architect or a DIY builder, we can help simplify your planning and decision making, reducing stress and increasing your confidence.

Why work with Us

With history of service, performance and delivery over 50 plus years, but always with an eye on the future we can provide all you need and more when it comes to access and security

We can access all the main suppliers and our team is trained and ready

With access to most products and backed by a massive trained team of pros we are able to bring you the right solution. Big, small or in between we value working with you!


For 80 years James Bull have been at the leading edge of security and access solutions.

Based in Christchurch, we have provided products and services across the country. No one survives that long without doing a hell of a lot right!


James Bull have a reputation for providing effective solutions.

Finding the best option for your needs is our priority and what will give you the ultimate benefits!


James Bull provide excellent value for money, and can save you time and stress!

We love to provide the best value solution for you which may not be the cheapest, but it will be one we guarantee and support.

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James Bull offer an extensive range of solutions for all applications

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