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Finding the best lock for purpose

With a vast array of options there is bound to be one that does the best job for you...
Standard Key Options

Traditional options with keys

Known for their robustness and strength the mechanical padlock has proven its worth. Of course they vary in their ability to withstand impact, and if you only have a flimsy cable, they'll cut that instead!

Combination Options

Padlocks with combination codes to access

These remove the need for a key, and often work with 3-4 numbers required to be mechanically lined up. They tend to be often cheaper and less resistant to impact.

Heavy Duty Options

Made tough, to resist the strongest impact

These look and act tough for a reason. Designed to withstand greater impact and or hacking, they will cost you more, weigh more, but definitely provide a higher level of security.

Bluetooth Options

The latest in key less padlocks

No more need for keys and access can be shared to other users, with ability to track use and status, these will be seen about more. Once again check their ability to withstand impact and weather as this will vary, but enjoy the other benefits now

Where do I start?

Choosing a padlock?

Not all padlocks are equal, and big is not always better

Use our simple guide as a starting point to determine what are the key items to consider

Needing to manage your gate locks?

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Some recommended solutions

Check out the details specs to discover just how tough these padlocks are

Helpful advice and support

James Bull stock a range of highly sought after padlocks for your specific needs. We've sold them for 50 years and can advise you on what to look for, when needing a padlock

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