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A robust Sliding Door lock is critical for security

A large percentage of break ins happen through unsecure sliding doors, often with locks that are compromised and don’t provide the level of security. Not all locks are equal and it pays to ensure you have the right lock fitted for the type of slider you have.
We can advise on the best lock or additional security features to give you greater peace of mind



Ever thought of managing your slider with a keyless door operator?

We now have a reliable, and good looking option worth looking at for residential sliding doors. Designed to be managed with card, smartphone, tag, or handsfree access point these operators can make managing access in and out easy as !
These are changing the game for disabled people needing access in and out of their home and also providing an
option for securing internal access to the swimming pool.

Swimming Pool regulations

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From your Lockwood sliding door lock to new smart locks from eLok and an operator that can manage your slider from your phone. Discover easy access and optimum security all packed into one!

Manage sliding door access to pool easily

Access for the Disabled

Our AutoSL slider is a perfect solution to consider if a sliding door is one of your main points of access

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