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Home safe buying guide

Before you start consider the following questions

Decide what are you wanting to protect?
What are you protecting it from?
How much are your items worth?
Does your insurance company have any requirements?


Fire protection?
Do you have any form of fire protection systems installed?


If Yes then you could consider a Burglary safe that is not fire rated, otherwise start looking at fire rated safes

Many of the fire rated safes we supply have burglary protection as well

Home Security Safes


Fire rated home safe options to consider
Either come in, or look through some Fire rated safe options


Our three main suppliers, CMI, Chubb and Yale all offer good levels of protection

With a minimum of 30 minutes fire rating and adequate burglary protection they have slightly different specs and cash ratings.

The cash rating is the value for which you will get insurance cover for.


Value of items
What are your items worth and how much insurance do you need?


The recommended cash rating will determine which range you need to look at if you wanting to get insurance

At this stage when you have options it is best to double check with your insurance provider


How much space do you need?
Now you know the ranges you can consider, how much space do you need?


Most suppliers will have several sizes in their ranges.

Talk to us about where and how it is best to locate your safe

Choose the one likely to contain what you need and fit where you will locate it


Delivery and installation?
Discuss with us how we can assist you in managing your safe


By locating and installing your safe correctly you can greatly reduce your risks.

Engage us to help, or follow instructions carefully for best results


Enjoy peace of mind, with insurance and assurance that your items are safe!


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Looking for some recommendations?

We highly recommend these safes, all designed and built to protect your valuables and give you peace of mind.

For safe options and advice

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