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Explore the benefits of smart locks at home today!

Discover the technology that can make life easier, simpler and less stressful!
Simply keyless!

No more lost keys! No more stress.

Sick of kids coming home and spare key is missing?

Let them in using your app, or better still connect app to their phones!

Multiple options

Keypad code, phone or tag options for getting in and out.

Smart locks offer a range of access options to suit your needs

Door can even lock and unlock as you come close... No hands!

Custom access

Customise and manage who is coming and going

Manage a tradie or friend needing to get in, from work or wherever you may be!

App is easy to use and can tell you status of lock as well!

Smart and easy

We can retro fit to most existing doors

These solutions are designed to fit existing doors. No wires, no fuss. Talk to us now!

Never lose your key again, and discover stressfree without the key

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Some of our best solutions

Consider the benefits of these options to improve your access

See how smart they really are...

Manage people in and out of your home with Yale... easily!

Yale Assure Digital Locks take away for the need for keys, while giving you flexibility to allow access in and out of home all from your smartphone. Provides real time access and information about access, and those using the door, while completely doing away with the need for keys!

Schlage Ease locks are smart in more ways than one!

Schlage Ease offer a deadbolt option and one with a handle, and most will fit on existing doors, setting you up to reduce the stress of losing keys and being locked out. Connect with Schlage Abode and manage access from your phone app when away from the house!

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Looking for something else?

James Bull can supply a full range of locks, keys, and can cut or programme them for you car, house, or boat. And if you have valuables items we can show you a great range of safe options for you!

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