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Home Security Safes for your valuables

Keeping our valuables protected is really important and losing them can be devastating.

As a trusted supplier and installer for over 70 years we are seeing cash safes disappear and an influx of imported cheap options.

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Looking for home security safes

Not all safes are equal, and some are not as well performing as you might think. We can help you find a solution that will give you peace of mind!
Fire / Burglary Safes

Fire rated options are designed primarily to resist heat while also offering some resistance to theft or burglary.

Ideal for passports or wills, documents & precious items, where you have no fire protection systems. Best of both worlds when it comes to protection!

Burglary Safes

Designed primarily to resist theft, tampering and burglary these options are heavy duty and hard to enter

These are ideal for situations where you have a managed fire control system, and are looking for high rated theft and burglary protection

Specific safes

Outside of the typical cash, document and fire type, there are a number of options designed for unique functions

You may be needing some smaller options for your accommodation or airbnb? Or a place to secure your duck shooting guns!

Our four perfect solutions for at home

A range of domestic fire/burglary safes ideal for valuables around home
CMI Miniguard 2

A perfect small scale solution for passports, small docs and jewellery

$10,000 cash rating
30 minutes Fire rating
Internal 210h x 300w x 220d

CMI Miniguard 3

The mid range version of these domestic safes
1 adjustable shelf

$10,000 cash rating
30 minutes Fire rating
Internal 280h x 400w x 250d

CMI Miniguard 4

The big brother of the model 2, and 3.
2 shelves and more space

$10,000 cash rating
30 minutes Fire rating
Internal 570h x 350w x 250d


A higher level of security when everything is worth that much more!

$50,000 cash rating
One hour Fire rating
Internal 355h x 280w x 220d

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Our Simple Guide to buying a safe

Feel free to use this to help decide the best solution for you and your important valuables. Knowing what you are protecting and what you are protecting from is the starting point…



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When insurance says EN 1143-1 rating!

This is the most common standard demanded by New Zealand insurance companies and we stock some excellent solutions to meet these requirements

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