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Wireless, and wire less!

Discover the latest benefits of wireless connectivity and wire less installation. Save money and time while setting yourself up and making your job of managing access even easier!

With batteries getting smaller, and more powerful, the need to complex wiring is gone!
Multi access options

Utilise RFID card technology, or systems with bluetooth connectivity to manage with smartphone

Wireless access options can be managed with full range of communication systems including some that sync with Apple HomeKit and Google Home Hub

Simple, fast installation

Save time and money with no wiring costs and impact on building

Wireless options are designed to integrate with existing locking systems with ease and the savings of routing wires and cables.

Highly reliable power

With latest battery technology, performance is vastly better and batteries are lasting between a year and 5 years!

Batteries are smaller, stronger and last longer, and with the low power demand of wireless they will continue to get better.

Personalise access

Manage individual users access times and locations from your PC

Enjoy the simplicity of any keyless system that enables customised real time control over access in and out of your location.

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Solutions for all situations

Manage access in and out of home, work or Air BnB with these great products
  • Schlage Ease Smart Lock S2

    Smart looking and locking solution for any door around the home. Manage access with phone app, keypad or key and never be locked out again. Our price includes fitting and installation ensuring you're up and going from the get go!

  • Schlage Ease S1 image showing price to fit, $590

    Schlage Ease S1 Smart Deadbolt

    Smart looking deadbolt solution of any door around the home. Manage access with phone app, keypad or key and never be locked out again. Our price includes fitting and installation ensuring you're up and going from the get go!

  • Yale Unity Entrance lock

    A stylish digital deadbolt solution, complete with handle on both sides and all the specs to manage access from your phone or optional keypad. Price includes fitting and installation, enabling you to be fully functional from the get go!

  • yale lever smart lock image

    Yale Digital Lever Lock

    Designed for doors without a deadbolt. All you need in one package, with handle and all the tech to enable you to manage from your smartphone app or key pad. Satin Nickel finish looks smart!

  • Smart Air image of the lock

    Smart Air

    Smart Air is a powerful solution to manage and customise access wirelessly from your PC

  • Yale Assure SL Deadbolt image showing $840 fitted price

    Yale Assure SL Deadbolt

    A smart looking slimline and discreet deadbolt easy to manage access with app, and keypad. Available in a couple of colour way options and easily installed by one of our team for you


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Manage school lockdown with ease!

Commercial applications

Christchurch Charity Hospital
Christchurch Charity Hospital
The Challenge
Christchurch Charity Hospital needed a better way to manage a significant number of personnel coming and going from the building. Some were part time, some one off visiting surgeons, and many regularly there a few times a week. When their existing system was getting hard to service, Carl approached Chris...

Hotel Montreal
87 units
12 weeks
Hotel Montreal
The Challenge
Converting an existing apartment building into a boutique hotel. After the Christchurch earthquakes a number of buildings have been renovated, or refurbished and this was one of a high profile sites where it required significant design to change its use. James Bull Access and Security were invited by ...

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