James Bull Locksmiths deliver Maximum Security Deadbolts

Lockwood Paradigm 005 Deadbolt


Security Features

  • Multi-Mode Slimline Deadbolt providing safety, security and convenience 
  • Safety features include Safety Release to reduce the possibility of being locked in 


            Secure Mode                   Safety Mode                 Passage Mode                     

          Locked from both           Locked from outside           Free to enter from

          Inside and outside             and free to exit                outside and free

                                                    from inside                  to exit from inside


  • High Strength Counterbalance Bolt 
  • High Security cut Resistant Stainless Steel Bolt 
  • Box strike with concealed cross grain door frame strengthening screw 


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Will your cheap hardware store brand deadbolt do the same job?

James Bull Locksmiths deliver Maximum Security Deadbolts, below are standard security features that you should be looking for in any good quality deadbolt.

  • Re-in forced door frame strengtheners to help prevent kick in and crowbar attack.
  • Hardened bolt to help prevent kick in attack.
  • Solid one piece cylinder surround to help prevent hammer and wrench attack
  • High quality cylinder helps prevent screw driver attack

If you are quoted $ 80.00 dollars or less for your deadbolt, then you can expect to be getting an El Cheapo imported product. In which case we would advise that you check out the following article on performance of El Cheapo imported deadbolts verses James Bull Locksmiths Maximum Security Deadbolts.

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