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James Bull have been providing home owners, architects and developers access and security hardware for over 70 years, having started as James Bull Locksmiths in 1940.

Come to us with your ideas, or simply ask for our expert advice and we can show you some fantastic solutions.

For expert Sales, Service & Support

We can provide the most extensive range of locks, keys, safes and access control systems in the Christchurch.

Not all locks are the same, and neither are our clients and their needs.

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We access, supply and install hardware on some significant commercial projects in New Zealand



We provide access and security solutions for all your residential requirements, from home owners to developers



We can resolve all your automotive access issues, from a new transponder to your garage door remote

Manage your school lockdown easier

Our core expertise

James Bull Access and Security can access any range of products you may be looking for and with their scale of operation they can assure you of highly competitive pricing

Our approach has always been to explore the best solutions for your needs

No need is too small or too big for our team who thrive on the challenge to find the right solution for you

Access &

James Bull can source and supply most access and security products

Whatever it is that solves your challenge, James Bull will be able to get it for you.


Installation is one of key services and all products we sell can be installed by us

Our skilled qualified tradespeople are your experts when it comes to installing the great products we sell


James Bull provide service and back up all the products we sell and install

Our commitment to support and back up is a big part of our complete solution for you and your project

Innovative Solutions

James Bull Access and Security are becoming known for their problem solving, and solution focus, treating each project as unique and looking to provide what’s best for requirements. Check out some of the most recent developments and solutions just in case one of them looks right....

No key...
Hassle free...

Take the hassle out of losing your key, letting a contractor into your house, or managing the key for the holiday home.

With this new techology, simplify everything from your smartphone and let people in and out. Simple. Safe. Secure.

Facing challenges getting in and out?

Our A Series Swing door closer is a perfect solution to make it easier...

This door closer option can be adapted to operate with any form of access control, making it the perfect solution for improving disabled access.

Featured Solutions

Manage people in and out of your home with ease

Yale Assure Digital Locks take away for the need for keys, while giving you flexibility to allow access in and out of home all from your smartphone. Provides real time access and information about access, and those using the door, while completely doing away with the need for keys!

SMARTair real time access control is here

Discover the immense possibilities of SMARTair that are now available as a serious contender when considering access control. Multiple ways to access and getting an audit trail of those coming and going is great. And all wireless, removing the need to retro fit and wire!

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Check out these unique solutions

James Bull Access and Security have the capacity to take on any project, and with a proven track record we can give you confidence that we will deliver.

Hotel Montreal
87 units
12 weeks
Hotel Montreal
The Challenge
Converting an existing apartment building into a boutique hotel. After the Christchurch earthquakes a number of buildings have been renovated, or refurbished and this was one of a high profile sites where it required significant design to change its use. James Bull Access and Security were invited by ...

Christchurch Charity Hospital
Christchurch Charity Hospital
The Challenge
Christchurch Charity Hospital needed a better way to manage a significant number of personnel coming and going from the building. Some were part time, some one off visiting surgeons, and many regularly there a few times a week. When their existing system was getting hard to service, Carl approached Chris...

Why work with us?

We work with you to provide the best solution, looking smart, functionally sound and ultimately keeping you safe and secure, wherever that may be. Always.

With the ability to manage a large government tendered development to a residential home are dynamic teams scale to meet needs best


Being dynamic and proactive enables us to approach all projects looking to provide the best possible solution for you and your client


With over 70 years in the business we seen the changes, and adeptly moved rapidly to stay ahead while retaining immense experience. Add to that our commercial expertise you have a great mix!


Access to almost any product available at competitive pricing gives us a great edge when providing you with the best options to consider

Our highly valued suppliers

James Bull Access and Security can access any range of products you may be looking for and with their scale of operation they can assure you of highly competitive pricing
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