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Safe ratings and how they rate?

Safes are designed to withstand significant impact or effect from theft, fire, and or data theft. Whatever shape or size your safe may be the rating will help you determine what is best for your needs. James Bull experts can advise you in store or over the phone, ... read the following

The simple Guide

Our straight forward guide to the ratings. For more detail find some of the well recognised rating systems below.
Fire ratings

Based on the time the safe will keep your valuables under intense heat

New Zealand commonly refer to the Underwriters Laboratory Safe standard as the acknowledged standard for fire safes.

The rating gives a value for the internal temperature that it should not exceed, and the length of time this is for.

They will generally have a $value rating that relates to the value of insurable contents within.

Burglary Ratings

Based on the time a safe will resist attack from various methods

The Underwriters Laboratory Safe standard is also recognised in New Zealand for Security safes

These are based on the amount of time it can resist attack with common tools, and how many sides are protected

Of course the rating is determined significantly by the construction, build detail and weight.

What we recommend

Don't compromise your valuables. Ensure you get a safe that meets the standards, especially if your insurance requires it

Know what your insurance policy requires

Only buy a safe with authenticated rating that meets your needs

Buy from a reputable supplier that can service and maintain

Digital can be better for older people than the mechanical dial

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Tried, tested and proven

The following are three of the main testing and rating organisations recognised internationally and by New Zealand Insurance companies. Check out the links if you are super keen to understand just what they do, and in all cases refer to your insurance company for their requirements.
Sold Secure Ratings

is an independent, non-profit organisation based in the UK. They test and certify locks to make it easier to compare the security levels between different types and brands.

The Sold Secure ratings classify and award security products with Gold, Silver or Bronze rating based on their performance. Yale Certified safe range is all certified Silver.

UL Ratings

is the largest and best known independent, not-for-profit testing laboratory in the world. Based in Northwood, Illinois, UL conducts safety and quality tests on a broad range of products, from fire doors to CCTV cameras.

The ratings provided by UL are typically denoted by U.L. TL-30X6... with the first numeral, 30 being the time it resists attack with tools and the second number representing the number of sides protected.

ECB ratings

The ECB is a neutral certification body for physical security products. It certifies according to (European Standards) – without any national additional requirements.

The ECB ratings will refer to the EU standard along with S1, S2, S3... these defining levels of cash rating. Check with your insurance company the cover they provide based on the S rating. The Chubb Viper range are all endorsed by these ratings

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When Insurance mentions EN 1143-1 ratings!

This is the most common standard that NZ insurance companies demand when specifying security for your valuables. 

We have a range of options that meet this standard, with sizes to suit your needs and the fire rating to add that extra protection.

Some great options

These safes always figure on our top seller list for good reason. They work.
  • CMI Security SA Safe

    With its $50K cash rating, this safe is ideal for home or office, where you have significant valuable assets to secure

  • CMI Miniguard 3

    Designed for home and domestic situations. Fire rated for 30 mins and $10K cash rated

  • CMI Miniguard 2

    The smallest in their range, but still big enough for A4 paper. 30 min fire rated, $10K Cash rated

  • CMI Miniguard 4

    The largest of the Miniguard range, with 30 minutes fire rating and $10K Cash rating

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Buying a safe is not easy online, when size and performance matter...

Come in and see for yourself, just what will give you the peace of mind you need. Talk to our experts now!


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