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Your guide to buying a padlock

Before you start consider the following questions

Decide what are you wanting to protect?
What is the best way to store them, secure them and manage?


Value of items
What is the value of items you are protecting?

This will impact on how much you spend on a padlock and the level of security it provides.


Only as good as the weakest link
Consider all the elements that make your items secure

The security of your items is only as good as the weakest part.
While choosing a lock, always consider the strength of chains, latches and the container you have you valuables in


Level of impact resistance
How accessible is the padlock to someone attacking it?

The location of your padlock and its accessibility can have a big impact on how strong you need the padlock.
If you have a shroud around the lock and latch area you can often use a lower spec padlock.



What rating is important
Ratings provide guidelines for the performance of your padlock?

Look for a rating that gives you the security that you want.
Check with your insurance company for any requirements that they may have



Big is better, in most cases
What size of lock fits your purpose?

While you would think big is better, the smaller locks can have similar ratings to larger versions.
With this in mind choose locks that suit your scale of container, location etc



Out in the weather?
How exposed is your lock to the natural elements?

Not all padlocks like water, in fact many are purposed for internal use only.
Choose from a range of weather proof/resistant locks if you are in exposed areas


Do it right first time
With care and consideration you can enjoy peace of mind today

By locating and choosing your padlock correctly you can greatly reduce your risks.
Engage us to help, or follow instructions carefully for best results



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