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Here is a sample of some keyless products that we can access for you. We choose not to sell on line, but can access most brands and styles at competitive prices. Please contact us for more information and to discuss the best options for you.

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    • Interlock IB25 Drop Bolt

    • Kaba C Lever Compact

      A compact version of the C Lever it is ideal for accommodation, halls, gyms and offices

    • Kaba e790

      A rugged full-body electronic lock with contactless technology to manage guest access personally

    • MasterLock Bluetooth

      Forget losing keys and manage access to padlock all through a smartphone app!

    • Salto DanaLock

      A perfect solution for your front door, retains the key, but opens with your phone

    • SmartAir®

      The new generation of wireless locks with multiple access options

    • Yale Assure Lock™

      Go completely keyless and wireless, in fact manage this lock with you smartphone!