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Canoe Polo Containers

The Challenge

The canoe polo club have two containers in an isolated location that store their gear. Managing key access for these is tricky when you have a number of teams, needing to access the hired gear on many days of the week.

A large number of these users are secondary school students. The main issues are ensuring the container is locked, allowing a ‘one off access’ situation, and the issue of  lost keys.

The Solution

Master Lock Bluetooth padlocks have provided a great solution, meaning that managing the access is less stressful, and that gear security is maintained better.

Approximately 10 key people have guest access provided by one of the local committee members, and at any time the manager can see the status of the lock. When it appears unlocked they have been able to locate people to lock it, and when people have needed to get in on the odd occasion a temp access code has eliminated the need to share keys.

Less stress for everyone, reduced running costs and our gear is more secure. Perfect!

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