Christchurch Town Hall

The Challenge

The Town Hall has been Christchurch’s most significant repaired building post 2011. With a significant push to restore the past to its original and former glory, James Bull were ideally placed to offer its services. In fact the team were already engaged with Warren and Mahoney, and VBase planning the refurbishment, when the shakes began!

The James Bull team have worked on Government House in Wellington, and had the experience and capability to take on a project like this.

Having previously worked on the Government House in Wellington, and Isaac Theatre Royal the team know what it takes to restore, recreate and refurbish!

The Solution

The solution involved a mix of restoration, rebuilding and new products, with the main focus on the detail and the finish. Things had to look the part and while enhancing the hardware with improved technology was a part of the brief it was in no way to compromise the appearance.

New castings were created to make almost 60 paddle handles for some of the main doors. Other specialist products were sourced from overseas, and significant amount of hardware refurbished to its former glory. While much of what you see will look exactly the same as you might remember it, you cannot help but notice the detail and finish that is exceptional.