Doors and

Nazareth House

The Challenge

Nazareth House was an historic building located on large grounds on Brougham Street in Christchurch, until being badly damaged in the 2011 earthquakes. 

James Bull have had a long standing relationship with the Nazareth House, and this led to Ikon Architects approaching us to assist them with developing a schedule for Hardware, Access and Fire.



The Solution

As providers of hardware and with our vast experience in access and security we are well set up to provide this sort of plan.

The James Bull team, of Derek Duffield and Mike Sloan liased between Arrow [Lead Contractor] and Farrell Construction to ensure an outstanding solution for this new modern facility for the elderly. They supplied and installed door hardware for over 400 doors and 140 rooms, ensuring easy access and door closers for residents.

Key Products
  • LCN Door Closer

    A versatile closer, that can be mounted either way, that will work on metal or wood swing doors with ease

  • Schlage Flushbolt

    A smart functional flush bolt for folding and sliding doors