St Georges Hospital

The Challenge

James Bull were engaged early on, in this 3 stage process, by Trengrove Architects, and St Georges to provide a full access and security schedule, for supply, and installation of hardware.

Since early 2000’s, St Georges has valued the expertise and problem solving that Craydon and his team bring to the challenging environment of hospital design and builds. With the mixed demands of areas within the hospital, the challenge is always to meet critical functional requirements while retaining the design specs of the building aesthetics. The schedule was complex with a range of keying, access control and fire functions needed.

Always up for this type of challenge, James Bull have been able to deliver…

The Solution

Being able to write the schedule across fire, access and keying was critical  to provide the optimum solution.
The James Bull team can provide this for all commercial projects, and the benefits of considering how each threshold needed to perform, saved time and money, while not compromising any requirements.

Some key hardware items specified by Trengrove Architects, included the Modric Spring Mortice Lock and Square plate furniture, elements that ensured the consistent clean style throughout, while providing the access functions needed. A smart solution involving small half doors, foot operated into each room, enables greater width for door access throughout all of the St Georges building redevelopment.

Beyond the locking and doors, James Bull also supplied and installed the room hardware, including grab rails, drop down grab rails and Shower seats. No longer just Locksmiths, James Bull have long been able to provide product solutions for bathroom and auxiliary room hardware.

All round a great solution to a complex project… ongoing, Stage 1 & 2 done, Stage 3 to be complete 2020

Key Products