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Isaac Theatre Royal

The Challenge

This was one of the iconic Christchurch buildings to be significantly rebuilt and refurbished following the 2011 earthquakes.

James Bull were engaged to write the access schedule at an early stage to ensure integration with modern access control systems, while maintaining many of the heritage aspects of the hardware. With their experience working on Government House and other heritage projects they were well set to provide a bespoke solution.

The Solution

The solution has resulted in retaining the beauty of many of the old hardware features, some of which have been refurbished, others replicated, all adding to the authentic look of this iconic heritage building.

Another challenge was to incorporate closers into large glass panel doors that were part of some modern architectural features added to enhance the building. With many of todays products the ability to discreetly position closers and other mechanisms allows architects and designers to create features where historically the hardware compromised the appearance.

James Bull were able to compliment their supply and installation of access hardware, with all the bathroom hardware shown in the gallery images.

Traditional locksmiths, now providing access and security solutions along with other smart hardware, all part of our solution!