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Discover the key benefits of keyless options

When faced with updating or changing locks, consider the opportunity to manage your security and access with keyless management systems. The latest in technology and connectivity have made these systems more affordable and capable for smaller scale situations
No more key cutting

Save the costs of recutting keys and resetting locks

The hidden cost that mounts up when people lose keys, and people come and go is gone. Invest a little now to save these ongoing costs and hassles

Customise user access simply

Keyless solutions enable you to personalise user access

Manage staff changes and requirements with ease from your PC, eliminating all the issues with keys and levels of security and access.

Manage access remotely

Control access in and out from your PC or device

Managing users and access is as simple as clicks of you mouse, with real time updates having immediate effect. Gives the freedom to manage off site, and reduce your time managing access

Track access usage

Enjoy the security of knowing who is coming in and out

With keyless solutions you have a full audit trail of users available online in realtime increasing your awareness and control over security

Keyless commercial projects

Managing access critically without the hassle of keys!

Hotel Montreal
87 units
12 weeks
Hotel Montreal
The Challenge
Converting an existing apartment building into a boutique hotel. After the Christchurch earthquakes a number of buildings have been renovated, or refurbished and this was one of a high profile sites where it required significant design to change its use. James Bull Access and Security were invited by ...

Nazareth House
Doors and
Nazareth House
The Challenge
Nazareth House was an historic building located on large grounds on Brougham Street in Christchurch, until being badly damaged in the 2011 earthquakes.  James Bull have had a long standing relationship with the Nazareth House, and this led to Ikon Architects approaching us to assist them with developin...

Wired Access Control for your business…

Read more about the various types of proven wired access control systems that can manage your security


Wired Access Control  

Managing an AirBnB, or holiday home?

Considered wireless...

Going keyless and wireless can be easier than you think. With no wiring costs and most options set up to work with existing locks you can be ready to go in no time, with all the benefits of access control. Even from your smartphone in some cases!
Options for simple access

Utilising latest in tech, manage with cards, or your smartphone

Bluetooth and RFI technology enable access with smartphone, or swipe card. Enjoy the benefits of both and leaving the hassle of keys behind.

Reduced installation costs

With no wiring costs and options designed to fit to existing locks retro fitting is a definite option!

Time and money is saved by installing a wireless option and with batteries lasting between a year and 2 years, there is no need to worry about their capability. No hassle. Simple, smart and clever!

Enjoy full access control

Track who is coming in and out of your place, and customise their access with ease from your PC

Personalising access for users changing requirements is easy, and being able to track in realtime gives you greater security knowing who is in and out of your building.

Options to consider

Some wireless solutions changing the face of managing your access and security
  • Kaba C Lever Compact

    A compact version of the C Lever it is ideal for accommodation, halls, gyms and offices

  • SmartAir®

    The new generation of wireless locks with multiple access options

  • Yale Assure SL

    On of the first wireless locks to offer integration with Apple Home Kit!

Wireless Solutions

Salto Dano Lock

The Salto Dana Lock system works with conventional deadlocks and can be fitted to most doors. Manage access personally for all users on regular basis or as a casual one off basis. This is an ideal solution for home, holiday house or Air BnB accommodation option where doing without keys is a benefit.


SmartAir® is a wireless keyless option for residential to small and medium business, with options to manage access. Whether you are managing a couple of doors to your AirBnB or home, or multiple doors in a school or business, SmartAir® manages access with ease. Personalise usage from user friendly PC interface, enabling realtime updates and reports giving you greater sense of security.

Wire less, keyless or both ?

Contact us now for advice and assistance in resolving the best system for your needs.


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