Keys not disappearing yet

Bluetooth and wireless locking systems are clever, but keys are here for a long time

Ever thought of replacing your keys, and realised how many you have, and how much you like having the key in your pocket?
Keys help us feel secure, we know we have them, and we know we have locked the door. We have peace of mind… until we lose the key or keys!

Losing keys and stress
Managing keys is going to remain a critical part of organisations ensuring their security and safety, and reducing chances of losing keys can save you time and money. Are you sharing common keys or master keys, and continually needing to know where they are?

Key Management Safes
Key management safes can be the start of reducing your stress. With access controlled to the safe, you can track who is in and out of a key cabinet, and in the more sophisticated models, you can track specific keys taken by your team. And utilising a keypad access system ensures you are not adding another key to your pocket!