Keys vs Access Control vs Wireless

While technology is ramping up and changes are big, don't tell me keys are dead!

Never before have the developments in technology been so rapid. While we live with that, as our phones control our heat pumps, and can respond to our commands, its hardly surprising that our phone will open doors!

There are doors to the big unknown, but the vast number of them in our world have a lock and a key, or some sort of access control.

There is something we like about the key in the pocket until we lose it. Having a key to the building is a symbol of belonging, until we have too many keys and they don’t look that cool in our pocket.

So too, the access control swipe card is electronic, smart and and we effortlessly saunter through doors almost handsfree, until the system glitches.

Everything has its challenges, and of course the benefits lure us towards better management of access and security, a more personalised place to be a part of and no longer worrying about losing the key. But that is not reality. For many the key is still the key!

Too expansive, or expensive

Large organisations cannot afford the hardware and software changes to implement access control or wireless just yet. Organisations all have different levels of security required and knowing who is in and who is out is not so important. Weighing up lump sum installation costs against the ongoing expenses with key cutting and rekeying locks is tricky. What does the missing key cost and organisation really, let alone the threat of compromised security?

Enter 2019, and the advent of wireless. The big game changer, as it eliminates the significant costs of wiring, or retro fitting access control, it comes at a time where there have never been more smart, and smarter phones connected. We want our phones to do more stuff, after all they are costing us more. We’re lured by the simplicity of apps, the user friendly interface that seems to have a button for every need, so what’s stopping us!

The challenges of wireless

Ugly… but getting better
Simply put, some wireless hardware did not match the brains hidden behind it. Of recent times, as UX did to apps, so designers have got hold of the hardware and now offer vastly more attractive options.

Big batteries… getting smaller
With no wires, you have to power things and as batteries have got more efficient and smaller so the hardware designers have been able to respond.
Wireless systems use very low power resulting in batteries lasting a long time before needing replacement

Bluetooth getting safer
Bluetooth technology is recognised universally under protocols that strictly manage the data transferred using it. And with it widely deployed across all manufacturers it is a reliable proven way to connect devices.


So what are we waiting for

Ultimately the time has to be right. Getting your head around the benefits, realising the costs may well see your system pay back within a year, and you are almost there. Talk to the experts here at James Bull about the technical stuff and just how easily you could find yourself managing your access and security easier. Safer. Smarter and Cheaper. We have solutions for businesses with only 1-4 doors, and <10 staff, up to 100’s pf doors and 1000’s of staff!

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