Be the Master of your own keys

Control the copying of keys with ease

If you or your business are still managing a number of keys for access and security is important, then it may be worth considering a Restricted Key system.

Restricted Keys
These are designed to simply limit any unauthorised copying of keys, and combined with a Master Key system, can manage and control specific access requirements for key holders in your organisation.


How they work
With Restricted Key systems, all keys are cut with Restricted Access on them, meaning that no key cutting shop or locksmith unauthorised to manage will cut a copy of the key. James Bull can hold blanks and upon direct authorisation from you, cut keys and maintain an audit of when any copies have been made.


Master keys
Master key systems are a great compliment to these and if you need to provide access to limited areas for some and complete access to others then read up more about these here, or talk to us today!


Key management systems
There are a range of key management safes and cabinets that can control the access to shared keys, master keys etc. These can simply be a locked/or security coded cabinet where access is controlled, up to a cabinet that securely manages the individual keys within the system, and who has them.


Keyless… Access Control
Access control is a great option for larger organisations, removing the need for keys, and allowing management of access remotely. The ability to customise access from a desktop has significant advantages over managing physical key cutting

Master Key systems