No Safe. No Insurance!

When your insurance demands you get a safe...

More insurance companies are insisting on safes for your valuables, and will not cover you without one!
In domestic scenarios you are needing to insure valuable jewellery, memorabilia, or documents a good safe can give you peace of mind as well.

Your insurer will look at the combination of factors that impact on how secure your valuables are kept, and each has slightly different criteria.
These can include, where it is located in the home, any alarm system built into the house, and then the specs of the safe and how well secured it is!

Value Rating
While you can get small, medium and large options, the Value rating will be the factor that insurance is looking for. This must exceed the value of your items, and as with anyone residing in New Zealand the rating needs to be an ASIAL rating.

Check with your Insurer
Each insurance company and policy will have it’s specific requirements so do check with them, either early on or once you have some options to consider.

Securing and locating your Safe
By locating your safe discreetly and getting it installed according to the specs, you can greatly reduce the risk of burglary. Hard to find, Hard to attack. Hard to remove and you have the best chances of keeping things safe.

Some great safe options
Our highly recommended options include



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