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Here's our solution to finding your keys!

We all misplace our keys, and know how stressed we get when they are not where we thought they should be! Whoever is closest bears the brunt of it and it’s not pretty. Sound familiar? One solution is to jump into the rapidly expanding world of keyless and we have options for that, but that…

While technology is ramping up and changes are big, don't tell me keys are dead!

Never before have the developments in technology been so rapid. While we live with that, as our phones control our heat pumps, and can respond to our commands, its hardly surprising that our phone will open doors! There are doors to the big unknown, but the vast number of them in our world have a…

Bluetooth and wireless locking systems are clever, but keys are here for a long time

Ever thought of replacing your keys, and realised how many you have, and how much you like having the key in your pocket? Keys help us feel secure, we know we have them, and we know we have locked the door. We have peace of mind… until we lose the key or keys! Losing keys…

Control the copying of keys with ease

If you or your business are still managing a number of keys for access and security is important, then it may be worth considering a Restricted Key system. Restricted Keys These are designed to simply limit any unauthorised copying of keys, and combined with a Master Key system, can manage and control specific access requirements…

Fitting a new lock to your existing door can be easier than you think

With the ever increasing range of locks available, manufacturers are focussing on making sure you can fit them to your existing doors. Whether you are looking at going keyless or just a more modern effective lock, you may well find that it can not only fit but also have a range of options to consider….