Keeping Safe and Safe Keeping…

All you need to know about safes

Keeping your valuables safe has long been a challenge for the homeowner, worried that fire or burglary may rob them of their precious possessions… Don’t delay… come in and talk to us about the best solution for your valuables.

What is it really worth, when you’ve lost it?
We all have valuables and possessions we hold dearly, and manage carefully knowing they are irreplaceable or difficult to obtain. Safes can significantly help reduce the risk of discovering the cost of replacement or losing something.

Only as strong as the weakest link
They are only as good as where they are located and fixed. Safes need to be accessible for you, but not so for the light fingered thief.
Leave it on your doorstep and it is amazing what people can arrange to lift these days!

Heavyweight vs Lightweight match up
Big may not always win. Safes are designed to provide resistance to fire and burglary in different ways. It may be of equal or greater importance that your valuables have a chance of survival in a fire, in which case look f0r a fire rated safe.

All things being equal, how do they rate?
Recently there has been a vast influx of imported safes that may not perform in the heat of the fire. Beware of these options and consider brands that have been compared fairly and rated based on the same testing criteria.

Check out our safe buying guide… or call in and have a chat
Our website carries some useful information and guides, alternatively call in and chat to our experts on the best option for your needs.

Our Safe Buyers Guide